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Setting the new standard of excellence to efficiently get you back in action

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Setting the new standard of excellence to efficiently get you back in action


At Marino Physiotherapy we specialize in Manual Therapy and handling musculoskeletal issues in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

We offer both concierge-style services and in-clinic consultations as well as specialty services in dry needling, aquatics, joint manipulation, Pneumex Posture Mapping and Dynamic Taping. Our experts are the most skilled in the area and are often training other physical therapists from all over the country in advanced clinical skills and diagnostics.

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At Marino Physiotherapy, we are passionate about easing what ails you with a hands-on, high efficiency approach, while also teaching you about your condition and empowering you to eliminate your symptoms.

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Why suffer when a quick screen can reveal exactly where your headache is originating? We have advanced options for correction and simple techniques for relief.

shoulder pain


Get your reach back! Most shoulder issues can be handled without medications, injections, or surgery.
posture mapping


State of the art posture analysis, education, and report to clearly identify the specific issues affecting your posture.
aquatic therapy


Enjoy a warm therapeutic pool as you benefit from both the resistance of the water, as well the unweighted assistance of the water.
booster visits


Follow up visits at 1, 3, and 6 months to make sure you are still at peak performance.
dry needling


Turn off those gnarly muscle knots and kick start the deep stabilizers to get you back in action.
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“I’ve had trouble walking for three years now and the surgery recommended did not have high rate of success and was extremely long recovery. Finally, I found Marino and Dr. Danny! Just one month into my sessions I’m walking incredibly better than I have in a long time. I’m having several consecutive days where I have no pain… What a miracle! You will not find a more professional, compassionate, and down-to-earth group of people to help you. Call them today!”

Kendra Kelly


“Alaina has helped me a few times when I have experienced back pain due to changing from a sedentary career to an active career. Alaina and her team are quick to schedule visits and quick to respond to questions. Best of all Alaina is a wealth of knowledge about all things physical therapy. I’m thankful to her!”

– Wayne Chermely


“I don’t usually leave reviews, but I definitely think this place deserves it. I don’t have much experience with physical therapy clinics but I must say I am extremely impressed with select. The clinic is always clean and welcoming. The staff treat you like you are their number one priority the whole time you are there. One on one treatment for speedy recovery They make you feel like family here. Work you hard but that is what we all need.Dr.Alaina and the Staff will listen to your complaint about your condition and will take your opinion into consideration. After everything was said and done I can confidentially give Five out of five starswithout a doubtThank you Jason, Nathaniel, Sam, Danny and Alaina”

– Saleh Masadeh


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