Our Services

High Precision Evaluations

High Precision Diagnostics make for High Precision and targeted treatments.


Advanced assessment of the Complex Spine, high precision assessment and treatment of exactly what is causing your pain or dysfunction

Posture Program

Postural correction targeted to your unique body type and daily activities using State of the Art Pneumex Posture Mapping, gentle postural unloading and “Lazy Posture” options to alleviate pain

Manual Therapy

Hands on Help is here… with over 15 years of experience in hands on techniques and assessments, we can more specifically treat the target tissues.

Trigeminal Symptoms of Cervical Origin

Do you have any combination of these? Headache, Dizziness, Intermittent Visual Blurring, Ringing in the Ear, Pain in the Face or Jaw, Lump in Throat Feeling, Churney Stomach, Metallic Taste in the Mouth, Numbness of the Cheek? Then you need a Cervical Trigeminal Screen!

manual physical therapy

Vestibular /Dizziness Program

There are many types of dizziness: feeling lightheaded, room spinning, or even just feeling “off” that can disrupt your life. Have an advanced assessment of your dizziness ASAP, same day appointments available.

LSVT BIG Parkinson’s Program

Get back to normal walking and balance, Get Back to Your LIFE!

Balance and Falls Program

Falls are the second leading cause of hospitalization, and are often the first in a progressive line of losses ultimately resulting in nursing home placement and death.

yoga physiotherapy

Gait Diagnostics and Correction

Video Gait Analysis allows us to examine your pattern in high-definition slow-motion and more accurately recommend corrective action


FMS is a multifaceted condition influenced by your head position, your breathing form, and everything in between. Addressing the COMBINATION of YOUR specific issues is the key to decreasing the pain and etting you Back to LIFE!

Myofascial Release

Fascia is all over your body and affects every movement, while it usually aids in mobility, occasionally restrictions here need releasing from a certified Manual Therapist

Dry Needling

High Precision Trigger Point release to ease what ails you. Popular with both performance athletes and desk jockies alike.

OrthoKinetic Sports Diagnostics

Assessing your functional deficits BEFORE you are injured by them in your sport of choice is essential in preventing injury and maximizing performance.

Running Performance

High Definition Video Running Analysis allows for high precision assessment of biomechanical issues and kinetic efficiency to get you to FLOW faster and with ecreased effort and discomfort.

TMJ / Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular Dysfunction can limit you in sleeping, eating, talking, yawning, and even sitting – but you don’t have to suffer! Hands On Help is here!

couple after getting physiotherapy

Bell’s Palsy

Cutting edge approach to Bell’s Palsy for patients whose symptoms do not resolve within 3 months. Great results for getting your wink back, you smile up to par, and your drinking skills drip-free.

Thrower’s Program

For both performance improvement for throwing form and speed as well as overuse injury treatment and prevention

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries are typically the result of continued stress on abnormal biomechanics. These benefit from high precision assessment and targeted treatments to keep you moving, and moving well.

girl hiking for physical therapy

Rib Dysfunctions

Rib Dysfunctions affect breathing, movement, sitting, activity, sleeping, and your enjoyment of LIFE! Typically easy to manage with a high precision approach to both the affected rib and local surrounding tissues.


“Spondy” pain is no walk in the park… Let us get your pain down and show you simple strategies to keep the discomfort away while continuing to enjoy your LIFE!

Pain Alleviation

#ChoosePT as an alternate to Opiod Pain Management. Meds only mask or dim your symptoms, we have strategies ranging from correction of the underlying pain causing problem to neural unloading and desensitization.

Pre-hab for Rotator Cuff

Shoulder surgeries are notoriously painful. Understanding what factors cause this pain and what strategies are available to maximize the healing process are key to reduced post-operative pain and a speedy recovery.

Pre-hab for Spinal Surgery

While spinal surgery can be effective for certain conditions, not understanding how to properly maintain your new back is often the cause of recurrent back issues for years to come. Our Pre-Hab 2-4 weeks before surgery can help optimize your outcomes and recovery.

Pre-hab for Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacements are no walk in the park, but with proper planning 2-4 weeks before your procedure, your understanding of what factors cause pain and what strategies are available to maximize the healing process are key to reduced post-operative pain and a speedy recovery to get you Back to Your LIFE!

Post Operative Orthopedic Care

Post-Operative PT is not what you typically expect, focusing on turning off the expected pain from the procedure with State-of-the-Art Deep Occilation Treatment for swelling and pain control, as well as setting you up for a speedy and successful recovery.

running for physical therapy

Patient Education

Patient Education is the cornerstone of what makes Marino a step above the rest. In addition to a high precision examination, we will teach you about what is causing your pain and guide you in understanding strategies for relief, correction, and prevention of reoccurrence.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is managed much differently than acute pain, it requires assessment of not only the pain generating tissues, but also of the compensatory strategies your body develops in response to pain over time, There are physical changes in the brain that can be mediated with focused and gentle movements.

Post Motor Vehicle Accident Care

Once you are past the shock of the accident or ER visit, there are often soft tissue, joint compression, and discal shearing injuries that will emerge over the next week. These need to be managed ASAP to prevent long term dysfunction. Getting into Marino for skilled assessment and management within a few days is essential to your successful recovery.

physiotherapist giving massage

Complex Patients

Often physicians or other healthcare practitioners will only address one body part at a time. Unfortunately, your parts are connected and work together as a system, This is why people with neck pain may get shoulder problems or lower back pain, and vice versa. At Marino, we are here to help YOU. ALL of YOU. While others may send you to a pain clinic with so many issues, we take the time to assess all of your concerns and how they relate to each other to customize a plan to meet your needs and goals.

Multi-Regional Issues

The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Thigh Bone… Assessing only the sight of pain is well, short sighted. You must have a thorough assessment of the contributing problems. Often the knee pain can be resolved with a simple technique to the hip and 2 minutes a day of therapeutic movements for a week or two…


As a member of the International Headache Society, Alaina has worked with Neurologists, Docs, and DO’s screening out cervical influences in Headaches and high precision techniques for relief. She is also treating Headaches in kids as young as 5 and 6. You don’t have to keep the pain, Marino can help.

Annual Musculoskeletal Exam

You would not skip your yearly physical or semi-annual dentist exam, would you? You wouldn’t drive your car for that long without maintenance and an oil change, would you? Then why wouldn’t you have an assessment of how your body is moving each year so you can head off issues simply before they begin? At Marino we offer Semi-Annual and Annual Check Ups to keep your body running smooth and pain free.

Booster Visits

Ever leave the doctor’s office with a plan, and a few weeks or months later, you are not quite certain of everything you were supposed to do? This is so common in patients of all types, that Marino offers “Booster Visits” over the next year after therapy to make sure things are working well and you are on track.